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In the world of business, most organisations work hard to understand and impress their ever-evolving audiences. They carefully design the customer journey – from a first engagement to repeat business – and invest a lot of time and money in optimising it.

In the world of education, post-secondary educational institutions and corporate teaching and learning development departments are starting to follow the same approach: They’re learning that today’s students are empowered – and demanding. The new generation student expects better and faster service at their fingertips. Much more than their predecessors ever did.

Technology connects, automates, simplifies and empowers. Over the past two decades, the ‘digital revolution’ has been transforming the way people live. Today’s students grew up with internet, Google and social media. They socialise, bank, shop and read online. They expect their learning journey to be online too.

It goes much further than simply replicating face to face encounters in a digital format or making course material available online. Institutions need to streamline the entire student journey, from being a prospective student to graduation.

Organisations can use technology in a number of ways to streamline the student journey, namely:

• allowing students to register, pay, and handle administrative tasks online, easily
• enabling them to engage with their lecturers, facilitators and peers in online forums and discussion boards
• sharing course content online in written, audio, e-books, video, and other formats
• giving them access to all this on whichever device the student chooses

OPENCOLLAB works with post-secondary and corporate education providers around the world to create solutions that streamline the student’s administrative and academic journey, bringing all engagements together in one easily accessible place.


Since 1999 OPENCOLLAB has collaborated with specialists globally to design, develop, implement and integrate solutions for e-learning, student information management, finances and research. In short – education done smartly.

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