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The aJourney SIS is a robust, secure, cloud-hosted student lifecycle management solution. Its workflows and student self-service tools reduce manual tasks and enhance productivity.

Converting prospects and applicants into enrolled students is made easy by the extensive e-commerce and application management functionality. Enrolment workflows required in your institution are supported by key features such as application management, admissions, e-commerce tools, course catalogue, self-help enrolment, course selection and confirmation.

Providing a solution that is able to adapt as your business changes and grows, puts you in control of creating and maintaining your organisation’s student lifecycle processes. You define and maintain your departments, programmes, curriculums, fees, personally defined application forms, application rules, communication -templates, communication channels, assessment rules and much more.

Robust features exist for the management of admissions, enrollment, student accounts, communication, and results – these workflows are further supported by various automated processes which greatly support administration and reduce manual actions.

Data-driven decision-making and student support are enabled through dashboards and self-help reporting to access and provide relevant information at your fingertips.

Our full suite of integrations, including seamless integration with multiple learning management systems, completes the student lifecycle solution.

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aJourney SIS Key Features

Explore what makes our very own aJourney Student Information System unique,
and what gives it the competitive edge.

Increased efficiencies / Admin Time Saver / Reduce manual tasks/Enhanced productivity
  • Automated workflows for administrative users
  • Seamless integrations with third party systems
  • Focus on optimised user experience
  • Enabling students via the student portal, thus releasing time for and pressure off administration
  • Holistic/360 view of student that supports inquiries
  • Ad hoc email or SMS capabilities to individuals or groups of students that were identified on dashboards or filtered lists
  • Automated emails and SMS capabilities based on certain system conditions
  • Communication logs
  • Paperless Admission Process
  • Training agreements
  • Sell your courses to corporates
  • Signup/on-board their students quickly and efficiently
E-Commerce capabilities
  • Sell your courses online with instant access to learning
  • Caters for selling of any types of courses: Degrees, certificates, short courses, workshops and more
  • Intuitive catalogue that is info packed for informed buying
  • Various payment methods at checkout, including instalments, partial payments (pay what you can) and vouchers
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Auto-communications at key steps in the selling process
  • Incomplete purchase reminders
Data driven Student self-help portal
  • Data driven call to action enabling/prompting student action, thus releasing time for and pressure off administration
  • Highly informative course catalogue supporting ease of sign-up/choice/application
  • Management of Profiles, payments, course registrations, deferments, etc.
  • Access to communication logs, uploaded documentation, etc.
  • Mobile first
Configurable to meet to your fluid business needs
  • File manager to upload learning assets to a central repository to avoid duplication of content master files.
  • Content links from the repository can be placed in the learning activities.

To leverage automation and deeper analytics within your learning solution, powerful integrations are essential. A real-time integration between your Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) can connect your institution’s two most important systems, allowing you to streamline your learning data and automate course population, student enrolment, grades, attendance and more to save countless hours for your staff.

  • SMS enabled via Clickatell
  • Emails enabled via SendGrid
  • Google Location
  • LMS systems (also integrate to multiple LMS systems simultaneously for various departments in your organisation)
  • Digital Certificates, e.g. DiplomaSafe
  • Payment gateways, e.g. Paygate, Paypal
  • Financial systems, e.g. Xero
  • FAQ Support bot