Student management & Learning management all in one platform! provides an extendable administrative component for the education market, from higher education to private colleges and schools. offers a modern user experience for both student and administrative user.

It is an open source software platform, licensed under the AGPLv3 open source license, for creating and maintaining modern user applications, including course catalogues, student management, curriculum, school administration, student records, etc.

It seamlessly integrates with popular learning management tools giving the user, student a holistic and modern experience.

For the administrative user it offers ease of use interfaces as well as integrations to many other popular tools that support financial management, portals and reporting and more.

Modern day user registration methods and single sign-on assists in creating an all-round unified experience for users. supports a web services first architecture approach which allows integration with multiple other solutions. As is expanded, more and more standard service APIs are defined and are available to clients for implementation. is built on open-standards and utilises open source technologies for delivering the solution such as AngularJS, Java and MySQL. – Secondary

Provides secondary schools with an integrated platform of administrative and learning functions including curriculum, course, educators, scholar registration, attendance and results management. Transfers between schools can be handled in the SaaS version of this product. Parents have access to view their children’s progress, timetables. – Post-Secondary

Provides post-secondary smaller private university and college markets student facing functions for Customer Relationship Management, Applications, Registrations, Accounts and Results.

It also caters for the management of Academic Program Development (Qualification, Courses / Modules), Applications and Admissions management, Registration and Enrollment management, as well as Marks and Graduation management.


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