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OPENCOLLAB provides best of breed open source e-learning ­solutions, on its own
or as part of the ajourney.opencollabTM platform.

The LMS trusted by large institutions

Since 2004, the Sakai community within the global higher education sector as well as commercial affiliates around the world have been providing a growing, flexible, and innovative open source platform with powerful functionality for online learning.

Sakai is bundled with a standard set of core tools, delivering discussion capabilities, announcements, messaging, file management, assignment delivery, assessments, and more. Sakai now has a responsive design interface and supports fully-online teaching.


Click HERE for the Sakai 2019 – 2022 roadmap

Test drive Sakai:

The Learning Management System (LMS) built for you

Since 2001, the Moodle learning platform has expanded as an open source platform for educators to develop and manage courses online. Moodle is based on strong pedagogical principles, providing a private learning space to design online courses with flexible content and collaborative activities so the students are constantly experiencing feedback.

The Moodle project is run by Moodle HQ from Perth, Australia, but would not be what it is without a huge community of users.


The community collaborates and assists each other on as well as in the Moodle forums, the wiki-based Moodle Documentation, Moodle Tracker for bugs and new features, the course-sharing site, and the Moodle Translation portal.


(Moodle and the Moodle logo are trademarks of Moodle Pty Ltd.)

For a demo,

please contact:

Karuta is a flexible open source tool for the creation of learning, assessment, accreditation and presentation portfolios. It allows the teaching and learning designer full control to create portfolio templates and workflows. (Some high level scripting skills are required)

The OnTask project is developing a software tool that gathers and assesses data about student activities. By allowing instructors to design personalised feedback with suggestions about their learning strategies, the academic experience of students can be greatly enhanced. OnTask aims to deliver timely, personalised and actionable feedback to the student throughout their participation in a course.

OnTask has been implemented and trialled in several higher institutions. These trials have provided detailed information about the most relevant functionality, technical requirements to include it as part of current institutional ecosystems, and user requirements to be adopted by instructors and students.


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