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Custom Software

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At OPENCOLLAB we put our client and their business vision at the centre of our software development approach. Combining our clients’ business expertise with our software development expertise delivers smart, secure, modern, flexible and scalable solutions that are tailored to rapidly changing and versatile markets with complex and ever changing demands.

Our end-to-end application development services are deeply rooted in Customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction combined with our 330 human years of Custom Software Development experience, means extensive experience is applied to every solution. OPENCOLLAB is invested in making sure our clients across all industry sectors, across the globe, achieve their desired results and outcomes in the desired timeframe.

Customer focus

OPENCOLLAB has successfully delivered software development projects to clients globally. We bring our vast understanding of different global approaches, cultures and technology requirements to our clients.

We believe that the client is the expert of their business. The satisfaction of partnering with our clients to grow, strengthen and

support their business with well designed, fit for purpose and incredible user experiences is what drives our commitment to results.

Our very good record for staff retention in our software development team means that we can build high-value relationships on trust and ensure contingency on client projects.

What our clients say

Diverse focus

OPENCOLLAB focuses on all industry sectors and prides ourselves on being experts in a broad software paradigm. OPENCOLLAB’s detailed knowledge of customer management, invested consulting, detailed client needs analysis and ongoing efficacy contribute to the software applications and aligned specifications needed by our clients. Work done is delivered on time and kept to clients’ communicated budget.

OPENCOLLAB has delivered a broad scope of applications to a wide sector of clients with our software development services.

Many of our clients have been using our services for years which is a true indication of the superior level of work done and our software development team’s passion to cater for clients needs plus added special requests. A number of our clients serve B2C clients in more than 106 countries with our solutions.

Solutions we’ve built, implemented and supported

– CRM Solutions
– Administrative Solutions
– eCommerce
– Integration Platforms
– Teaching and Learning

– Financial Solutions/apps
– Case Management
– Financial Aid Management
– Technology Conversions/renewal
– Mobile and Progressive web app

World class skills and experience

OPENCOLLAB has some of the most experienced and qualified software engineers and other software professionals in the industry. We offer superior consulting, service, mentorship, development, implementation and support.

Client Locations

South Africa, the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ghana, Hungary & Uganda

Experience in Software
Development & Support

Combined years of
Strategy & Design

Combined years of
Software Developer

We ensure that industry best practices are used at all times and our work is of the highest quality. We tailor our end to end software development services to meet your needs around:

  • Design & Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Cloud enablement
  • Open source

At OPENCOLLAB we use modern software development methodologies, principles and tools to deliver the results that will embrace your vision. OPENCOLLAB capabilities includes an impressive selection of software engineers, architects, scrum experts and business analysts that offers unsurpassed software development, integrations and support experience for our current & potential clients.

As our name implies, OPENCOLLAB often (but not always exclusively) utilises open source development technologies, of varying open source licence types, to design, develop, implement and integrate solutions for our clients.

World class support

Our highly regarded support team’s application support services provide a consistent, stable and cost-effective support structure, ensuring maximum stability and fast incident and service request resolution. OPENCOLLAB’s support and incident management processes enable systems to effortlessly evolve with changing business needs.

While OPENCOLLAB has built strong services skills on a foundation of popular methodologies, principles and best practices that support our ability to deliver consistently high-quality services, we also customise our support processes to best meet the needs of our clients.