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Maintaining Legacy Applications

Maintaining a legacy application becomes more and more challenging as time goes by. Some reasons for this could be: 1. Losing resources that were there from the beginning and who knew the system inside out; 2. The application was built on outdated and / or obsolete libraries […]

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If The Task Is Repetitive, Automate It!

Managers in general know only too well how much time can be eaten up by day-to-day admin tasks, which are seldom core to delivery of services, but are necessary for keeping tabs on where things are at in terms of delivery of projects within time and budget. […]

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Monitoring Servers using Grafana, Zabbix and Uptime Robot

Monitoring of servers and services is important to ensure that they run optimally and remain highly available to clients. Internally hosted services used by staff and partners are also important to monitor, since any degradation in service can result in a negative impact on productivity. Many metrics […]

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Happy birthday @OpenCollab Thanks to everyone who has been part of the excellent track record & long list of satisf……

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