2022 Top Educational Trends

24 January 2022 | Blog |

Online education witnessed exponential growth in 2020 and 2021 because institutions were playing catchup, trying to go online with their system. What we saw in 2020 & 2021 is the fact that most institutions were not ready to go online and that the quality of education went down slightly because the experience of presenting a course in person does not translate well once it went online, and because educators were still trying to adapt to a new norm. This is why now in 2022 as we look at trends that will be popular in the education space, one thing that is definitely going to be a trend for 2022 is the support of those systems that were implemented and also adding more functionalities to the new digitised system. Here are five trends that will be dominating education in 2022 – https://yourstory.com/2022/01/edtech-trends-watch-2022/amp.

As per the article gamification will be one of the top trends for education “Making learning a fun experience is a key feature of gamification in education. Categorising the lessons in short tasks or levels, offering badges, grades and ranks based on performance, and publishing leader boards are some of the gamification techniques used in online education.”

It’s an evident trend that blended learning in education has gained huge traction internationally and continues to grow in 2022. We will be seeing institutions offer blended learning because most courses can be facilitated and assessed online, this means fewer physical resources being used to complete that course. Blended learning will not only be good for the institution’s advancements in digital learning but it’s also contributing to lowering our carbon footprint, the University of California found that offering a lower-division class of 100 students with an online format leads to reduced CO2 emissions of 5-10 tons per semester – https://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/winter144/campbell_campell144.html.

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