12 October 2021 | Blog |

E-learning and Student Management Systems has been a growing need in education internationally for a number of years but still can be a daunting decision to implement due to uncertainty and cost implications. A robust LMS or SIS needs to be implemented to eliminate confusion and frustration with end-users. This also needs to be backed up by ongoing support and advice from well-versed industry professionals

At OPENCOLLAB we work tirelessly to advise and assist institutions on what steps need to be taken to satisfy every digital learning or administration need. This is the reason why we labelled our full solution ajourney.opencollab because combining learn.opencollab(LMS) and enrol.opencollab(SIS) we will be fully implementing, supporting and hosting your digital learning and administration journey.

OPENCOLLAB adapts quickly to change, let that be in our external or internal working environment. We see change as an opportunity to actively tackle new challenges. Every department at OPENCOLLAB works in synergy to make sure all customers’ needs are met timeously and with a high level of execution.

Customer efficacy! OPENCOLLAB makes sure that the chosen product/platform, service or support is of the finest quality and execution is seamless. OPENCOLLAB is invested in making sure our clients have a continuous positive experience and achieve planned results.

Through years of market experience, product evolution and fine-tuning, OPENCOLLAB offers a complete holistic solution that covers an institution’s SIS (Student Information System)and LMS (Learning Management System) needs seamlessly.

  • The ajourney.opencollab platform and engagement portal provides institutions with an end-to-end turnkey solution, spanning enrollment management, learning management, analytics, identity management and self-help services. It comprises two components that are seamlessly integrated:
  • enrol.opencollab(SIS) is a student enrollment solution that provides clients with the option to subscribe to a set of functions and processes from eCommerce, prospecting, application through to graduation. The student self-help portal intuitively engages the student in many student processes and seamlessly integrates with learn.opencollab.
  • learn.opencollab(LMS) is a multi-segmented student engagement platform. With an open-source learning management system at its core, it provides a seamless solution to learning and its management through an intuitive interface and student self-service from any device.


OPENCOLLAB utilises open source development technologies to design, develop, implement and integrate solutions for student information management and e-learning. Our collaborative approach in development enables us to partner with institutions, software development companies and communities globally to bring only the most effective, engaging and efficient solutions to clients.