Covid-19! Lockdown! Stress! Threatened Economy!

21 May 2021 | Uncategorised

These are all things that affected our everyday day life for the past what seems forever! We are all living in a very different world at the moment that has proven taxing on all of us in different ways.

Covid-19 Impact on OPENCOLLAB:

  • Since lockdown OPENCOLLAB employees have been working remotely, all business practices have continued as normal and it has been an operating learning curve for all of us. Everyone is working long hours to support our existing clients growing needs during this pandemic. We have seen a surge in enquiries from educational institutions, online learning companies and government departments to potentially support their needs for online learning. We have done our best to tailor complete eLearning and online administration solutions that fit each client request.
  • We all try to communicate daily to make sure every member of the OPENCOLLAB is safe and morale is still high during these taxing times. We had our Sales & Marketing Manager start on the 1st of April, he has only met most of the staff through Skype/Zoom meetings so has been a very interesting start for him.
  • Over the next few weeks, we will also be on-boarding some more new staff. If lockdown is not lifted, this will have to be done virtually too!

OPENCOLLAB eLearning & Administration Solutions

  • Institutions’ current challenges created by Covid-19 can be solved in many ways, including through the implementation of various open-source eLearning platforms, or by adding new features to their existing platforms. OPENCOLLAB has years of experience implementing/supporting leading institutions, companies and private colleges with delivering content to their students, submitting work back to lecturers, tracking progress and conducting online classes via the chosen platform.

Our thoughts go out to those battling in this pandemic. If you are an educational institution and worried about your students’ progress in 2020 and what could be done, OPENCOLLAB would be more than happy to advise/offer a solution.

If you want OPENCOLLAB to enable smart learning at your institution, please feel free to email us if you have any questions or would like a quote:

Keep safe out there!