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We have a great team with a proven track record in Enteprise Software Solutions, whether it is in Higher Education or Corporate


We have been actively involved in OpenSource for the past 9 years, contributing to projects like Sakai and Kuali. We also encourage our developers to open API’s on our GitHub account.
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We always seek to innovate by adding new functionality to existing products or creating game changing new products. Our latest invention aims to revolutionize learning material availability.
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We have clients in South Africa, North America and Europe and we have always received excellent feedback on our work. We are very proud of our team’s history on big collaborative opensource projects.
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Congratulations Grace from Uganda! Great talking about #opensource #Synthesis #eLA15 pic.twitter.com/63mc…

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Belvedere Office Park, Bella Rosa Street,
Rosenpark, Bellville, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 970 4000
Fax: +27 21 914 3098
Email: info@opencollab.co.za